This is our culture

We hire great people!

Build a career in a fast growing company

We build our own systems in-house. That means we rely on our engineers and developers to deliver high quality work - and they do!

We think long term

We think long-term. And that means we need people who think that way too. Build a career in a fast growing company in a dynamic world.

We love what we do

Whether we're working on an OS, a web framework, providing support for our valued customers or establishing new relationships, the people at Touch are passionate. After all, there's no better feeling than coming to work knowing that what you do actually matters.

Our personalities 

At ATG, collaboration is king. We value good ideas - and a good idea can come from anyone. 

That also means we value the ability to communicate effectively. There are no lone wolves here. We work and develop ideas as a group.

Whether you're in engineering, customer service, sales, finance, HR or analytics, we know how to both teach each other, and learn from each other. 

Afternoon Event - 27th July 2016

Our July team event celebrated the recent FinTECH 2016 Award to Afterpay for Innovation in Payments. This was a fantastic celebration of innovation and collaboration.