ATG System Platform

Intuitive. Reliable. Flexible.

“Cornèr Bank appointed Touch to develop and manage its Online Recharge platform following the successful collaboration on an earlier Cornèr Bank project with Touch and the Valora Group. Touch’s demonstrated ability to rapidly develop, customise and deploy an online payment system while meeting Cornèr Bank’s customer experience objectives under very tight timeframes was essential to the current project’s success,”

Davide Rigamonti

Head of Marketing and Distribution, Cornèr Bank.

A single integration to the ATG System Platform gives your business instant access to a range of scalable services that we refer to as Service Modules.

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    Perimeter Protection

    The Touch System Platform actively identifies all system users and determines whether the customer is legitimate for admission to your business. We examine the entrails of any device to see if they are who they say they are, or if we need to look at them a little closer. 

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    Identification and Activation

    We determine if the product system knows the customer, if they are a new customer, or if they are an existing customer who hasn’t interacted or performed this form of transaction with your business before. This information is examined before they are authorised to transact with you.

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    Transaction Integrity

    This allows the authorised customer to perform the transaction they are legitimately wanting to undertake as fast as possible without them getting sidetracked with irrelevant options or wandering off to do transactions they’re not authorized to do.

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    Fraud Protection

    Touch’s fraud protection system analyses all transactions in real-time and applies proprietary technology to ensure that the transaction undertaken is legitimate and that payments made are appropriately authorised. In appropriate cases, and where appropriately remunerated to do so, Touch guarantees the validity of payments authorised by the Touch System Platform.

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    Compliance Systems

    The Touch System Platform complies with all required legislative and industry requirements. Internal Compliance is set up to operate on a product owners existing compliance rules relieving the business of the necessity to meet those compliance standards on its own behalf and resulting in considerable cost savings to that business. 

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    Data Collection and Analysis

    Touch is often required to provide database and data analytical services to businesses for the purpose of supporting their customer loyalty and promotional programs. Touch also collects and analyses considerable information to enable it to determine a credit reference and loan application decision in the cases where active customer knowledge is required.

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    Card Not Present Payments

    Mony Payments, created by Touchcorp, is a full service payments provider that, once integrated with a webstore, will enable acceptance of Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards. Mony covers all the steps involved in the payment transaction, therefore there is no need to involve separate payment gateways and therefore reduce costs involved.

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    Card Present Payments

    Gain access to an improved merchant service fee rate and receive detailed payment information combined with point of sale and mobile device intelligence to enable a better understanding of your customers and improved service in the form of incentives, discounts and targeted special offers.