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Change Up

Retailers in Scandinavia wanted to eliminate spare change for its customers and Touch was there to help.

No one likes spare change.

Nobody wants a hunk of metal in their pocket. It’s heavy, distracting, and you end up just losing it all anyway.

This is the problem retailers in Scandinavia wanted to solve for customers. And so Change Up was born – an app that allows customers to receive change electronically, rather than carry around distracting pieces of metal.

In order to bring the benefits of such an app to both consumers and businesses, Touch was able to provide the underlying technology behind the app that would not only provide customers with a seamless experience, but actively enrich their daily lives.

No more change – no more problems.

Being able to supply the technology behind the app meant retailers in Scandinavia could deliver its vision into stores.

But the strength of the Touch technology underpinning the app goes far beyond simply eliminating some coins. Like all of Touch technology, there are multiple applications.

Instead of a clumsy exchange of coins, money is sent from the Point Of Sale system directly to the customer’s smartphone. This opens up a range of opportunities.

For instance, the Change Up app provides customers with the ability to either deposit their change in a bank account, or save up their change over time to apply towards small purchases.

And because the money is transferred digitally, there are opportunities for businesses to integrate deals and offers for use within stores. Change Up lets customers take advantage of promotions offered by participating stores using electronic discount codes. Simple, convenient and profitable for customer and store alike. 

The customer could even donate the money directly from the app, to a charity chosen by the business.

Change Up brings businesses closer to their customers – and Touch enables that to happen.

Not only is there a benefit for consumers, but for stores as well. Connecting the technology to discounts and other offers ensures customers are more likely to walk back in the door.

This is the power of Touch technology. Enabling businesses to speak to customers wherever they are, and however they behave. Whether they’re on a phone, or in-store, Touch is able to provide the seamless experience they need. Which means your brand comes first.