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Information regarding Afterpay's Share Purchase Plan (SPP): 

Afterpay's SPP will launch next Wednesday 15 July and all information will be released to the ASX. A letter will be sent to Shareholders explaining the SPP and guiding people to ASX announcements, it will also provide a hotline number available for Shareholder queries. 

Afterpay (ASX:APT) 

Our story begins with our founders, Nick & Anthony who set out to build Afterpay as a tool to help people make the most of their money and manage their spending responsibly. In just five years, we have grown from a little known Australian start-up to an ASX100 organisation that also operates in New Zealand, the US and the UK.


We are purposely different and are one of the pioneers of the buy now pay later sector. Afterpay was established to turn the financial industry on its head and champion the customer. We set out to be different to traditional forms of credit and finance and support the needs of a new generation.


Our growth has allowed us to connect millions of customers with brands they love and empowering them to spend their money and buy what they want in a responsible way.

Please visit the Announcements page or contact Marie Festa, Director of Investor Relations, Afterpay:

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Optus’ use of ATG’s services has resulted in important savings to the Optus business.

ATG and Optus worked strategically together to innovate and grow Optus’s online business from 9% to 55%+ of revenue, with the introduction of new payment options, promotions and initiatives to migrate customers.

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